A Great Year for Books

It’s been a hard year for me… which is a topic I may write about one day. But for now I want to highlight two reads that I was excited about for months after reading.

The first was a handoff from my mom. A cover that looked like it was going to be a cheesy Canadian hockey read. It was lost in one of my drawers for months but when- out of desperation I picked it up- I opened one of my all- time favourite reads. “Bear Town” by Frederick Bakman spoke to me in a number of ways. First, as an athlete. I’m not sure I’ve read any book that has so eloquently shared the competitive spirit of an athlete & the development of community around the love of sport. Second, as a parent. At one point this male author described a mothers love & I was floored that a man could articulate ideas I had been struggling & celebrating since Ivy arrived on the scene. I laughed & wept throughout the novel & have discovered there is a sequel…I can’t wait to get my hands on that! Many people around me have read Bear Town & loved it- I’m in awe of this Swedish author’s talent.

Then, for book club I had to read a fantasy novel: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (who I quickly learned is ‘kind of’ a big deal). Fantasy is not my preferred genre but the idea of an underground London (not unlike my growing up with the ninja turtles) & challenging the norm/ values of today’s society was irresistible to me. I will definitely read more of Gaiman’s work.

And on that note I think I’ll make a cuppa & settle in with a good book on this snowy night 🙄📖📚

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