Mom moment

Alvin split his gut last night when I told him this story so I thought I’d share a little wider. Please do not read this if you’re eating… it’s a little gross.

I had finished giving Isaiah a quick bath but of course he didn’t want to climb out & dry off yet. so the water was draining & he was playing with the plug- sweet right? I started getting suspicious of the squatting position & noticed indeed- the child has pooped. I grabbed some wipes & did a quick clean. As I turned my back to find a suitable temporary location for the swaddled pooh I guess Isaiah realized he wasn’t finished. when I turned back to him he’d picked up the smallest section of poop in between his pointer & thumb- offering it to me ever so politely- Ugh! More wipes, another quick bath & some Mr. Clean to wash down the tub & we’re no worse for wear.

Also… I’ve just joined Instagram- if you are interested in less story & more photos that’s the spot: @simplysarah11 is where you can find me (Auntie Nada)?! 😉

Here are some snaps from recent adventures: