I just want to eat my f*in tofu taco

Those words ran through my mind as I “chose” to have a “quick” conversation with a senior leader I’d been working with. The minutes after noon were ticking by as my tummy rumbled…I am notorious for getting “hangry” so my colleagues were splitting at the sides as I paced my office cursing on the inside. Two reasons I’m telling that story:

1. I actually have a tofu recipe I enjoy! (lol)

2. The frustrations of office life seem distant after a beautiful week off with my babes.

But my last couple days in the office were rather hairy…

I returned from my commute to a car signalling I had low tire pressure… as I tried putting air in the tire I noticed a massive nail… the folks had to pitch in to help collect the kids & me. I’m lucky that the tire was patched & it feels like new (as I headed out on the highway a couple days later for a girls camping trip).

Also, I had an exploding tea bag that week. I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me but the tea bag floated to the top of my cup & tea leaves swirled around.

So here are some photos from my week off:

Girls camping trip:

Ivy & Arra

The tent

The gals after I smoked them in a friendly game of croquet


Slip & sliding on a smoking hot afternoon

Ivy’s first hair cut 💓

Hanging around town

And to cap it all off… the beautiful tinging of jars sealing… pumpkin lentil soup for my lunch stores as I head back to work Monday…mmmm