How am I going to get out of this?

In a split second those words were running through my head. I had collected a fussing Isaiah from his crib & for some reason started carrying him to my room. That’s when the vomiting started…Ugh. All down my chest & through my blouse, slow rolling down my pants… the finest moments of motherhood.

I grabbed some towels that were nearby to collect the second round (how can there be so much puke in such a little body)??!! The poor little guy was so tired from the fever & vomiting that he rested his head against my chest. He must have felt me surveying my surroundings & thinking… what now? When he looked up at me… his forehead now covered in his own puke. That’s when I thought- how will I get out of this? But- as I believe everyone does- you find a way. And now we’re all healthy so there’s much to be grateful for.

A few recent shots. Isaiah joined me in his stroller for a morning run (glorious)!

Ivy participated in her year- end dance recital & it was an amazing evening.

Ivy insisted on baking Alvin lemon meringue pie for his birthday. The meringue didn’t do the fluffing up thing but the pie was delicious. No more epic vegan baking fails!

My beauties excited about a rainy morning