I think I can say that Isaiah is officially walking- though with Ivy it was different- once she figured out walking (on her 11 month birthday) she never stopped. If Isaiah wants to go somewhere in a hurry he’ll still crawl.

But I feel Ivy has also hit a new milestone. She is planning a surprise for her dad & she’s thinking through the process of what steps she’ll have to take to ensure she can pull it off. I’m so excited to watch these beauties continue to grow & change ❤

At one of my fave local festivals… I’m so glad we left Isaiah home with Alvin because it was soooo cold & Ivy did not want to leave- ha ha.

Oh…& they’ve both officially started day home- another big change for us all. Isaiah had two days there & the day home parents are shocked at how happy he is- they’ve never experienced a baby adjust so quickly to a new routine. We’ll see how it goes next week when he goes for a whole week. Perhaps it is easier because Ivy is there with him…

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