The No. 1  Ladies Detective Agency

I feel like I need to post some love for this series of books I have thoroughly enjoyed (by Alexander McCall Smith). I remember I tried to read the first book in this 17 book series (I know,  who knew there were that many?!) before I ever moved to Zambia; I couldn’t get into the story, I felt it was moving too slowly. Now,  seven years back in Canada & I’ve savoured each & every book in the series. I remember thinking about 100 pages into one of them that nothing had happened,  but still,  I couldn’t give up the beautiful characters Mma Ramotswe & JLB Matekoni. Or the reflections of life at a different pace- & the explanations of the sights,  sounds  & smells that characterize Africa. And no,  I never visited Botswana (where the novels are set)  but I will get there- I simply must. 


Oh…& I started a book club with a friend from work.  It seems a pinnacle of nerdom but I can’t believe how many people have expressed an interest in participating. Fun!  

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