End of an era

It’s official,  my bucket of bolts (aka 2004 Nissan Murano) is out of my life.  I had a difficult relationship with her over the years…& after putting $1,100 into her I threw up the white flag when the mechanic told me a further $800 may do the trick 😢.

After many dealerships & 1 too many horrible used car salesmen I’ve finally found my new ride (especial thanks to my patient hubby)… car shopping is brutal.  I don’t understand why we (as a society)  allow people to behave so menacingly- but that’s another story for another day. 

The new chapter is a gorgeous 2013 pearl white Mitsubishi RvR… she’s a beauty. Ivy & I are looking for the right name-  a little classy & a little sassy would be the perfect balance-  let me know your ideas… 😁

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