Fall routines

It’s hard to believe the long days of summer are noticeably turning into shorter Fall days with cool mornings & evenings. This is my favourite time of year. I love the smells,  colours,  & harvests.  I’m also looking forward to a little more structure in the coming weeks-  Ivy is starting new preschool classes that will allow for a little more “me” time (yes, I’m saying that knowing I’ll still have Isaiah to care for… but he’s so easy-  knock on wood).

Here is beaming Ivy after her first dance class 😍

We squeezed in a family picnic on a September day where temperatures soared to over 30 degrees. 

We got to catch up with Alaina & Olivia before Olivia’s 1st day of school 💃

Ivy’s little friend Cole turned 4- they are seriously too cute. 

We had a special day at the farm berry- picking & harvesting some fresh veggies.  Ivy got to pick her own apple right off the tree & was it ever delicious! 

We were able to take my mum- in- law to the mountains before she returned home. We had a lovely time in Calgary & Banff ❤

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