Cooking vegan

True. Alvin went on a mad health kick when I was still pregnant & downing donairs like they were going out of style. It hasn’t taken me long to jump on board the healthier eating train though & I’m enjoying trying recipes & using new ingredients from a vegan cookbook Alvin brought home. We both feel great despite being the brunt of many jokes from friends & family. I feel like I need to clarify that I’m not actually vegan-  I won’t give up a splash of milk in my tea (that I drink religiously every morning)  or butter.  I’m not missing meat one bit. Not even bacon 🐷
Of other note:  my mother- in- law has arrived & it it’s amazing having her here. 

Ivy participated in her first soccer jamboree

Sweet selfie

Ivy completed her first preschool class (active kids-  It was fun)!

Isaiah turned 3 months

Mom had a birthday

Alvin had a birthday…

& it appears I’ve forgotten how to cook meat-  whoops! All I could think when I saw the blackened meat was:  Thank heavens the birthday boy is vegetarian! 

Mediocre result on my first attempt at vegan cupcakes… but I’m looking forward to trying again. 

The following photos are from a most enjoyable day at Fort Edmonton park

One for me

When’s the last time you ran in the rain? I got caught in a downpour today. Brilliant!  I loved every moment