I went to the grocery in heels

There you have it. As if I live in LA & the paparazzi follow me everywhere… the truth is that I bought these gorgeous new heels on a whim. Of course now I realize it was a little silly because I don’t have many occasions to wear them as I’m chasing around my babes 90% of the time. Lol. But I was in a sun dress yesterday & thought I could slip on the heels for a short test run.   I sense a date night in my near future and I’ll be sure to sport them then. 

Now a few highlights from the past weeks: 

Selfie during a picnic…when we left the lunch bag at home,  that was a fine mom moment 🙃

My sweeties

Jasper & Isaiah… after Isaiah’s 1st swim

Beer on the deck with Canj-  perfect! 

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