Out into the world

Hooray! Our little man Isaiah Mulenga arrived on March 19th. We’re both feeling great & headed out for some fresh air this afternoon. It was so wonderful to have the little guy tucked in tightly but on the outside- yeah!- & to have Ivy thrilled about splashing through the puddles. Ivy has been a Rockstar. Alvin & I are both surprised at how interested she is in her baby brother  & how adaptable she has proven to be this week. Let’s hope week 2 continues to go so well 😄

3 strong

Alvin was away for another week so I had planned a number of adventures to keep us busy & happy while he was away. 

Skating with grandpa

Goofing around

Special cookies packed for my girl care of my friends that I worked with a lifetime ago at the museum 🙂

Valentine’s Day with my girl

Quality time with cousin Jasper 😍

Now that Alvin’s back,  I’m trying to savour life as the 3 of us because undoubtedly things will get hairy with another addition soon to arrive. Here’s the gang at a cool local festival