The joy of shoveling snow

Monday afternoon rolled around. I felt deeply sunk into the winter doldrums. It was only minus a million degrees outside,  I’d had a long working day,  & as I scooted off to collect Ivy from day home I was wondering how I could convince her that today would be a good lazy day. ..maybe a movie?  Quiet colouring? Ivy is a busy social three-year-old;  quiet evenings are not usually an option. As we stepped outside into the evening snow she looked up at me & said “mom,  we should go home & shovel. Is that a good idea”? Was it ever. I love that she reminded me outdoor play is where it’s at- cold or not – there are forts to be built,  legs to be buried,  & ‘pretend sand’ to be dug up. I’m savouring that positivity from my Ivy. ..

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