Top one

This Zambian slang seemed appropriate to share my 2016 “top 10”. I’m not planning on reporting my fave top 10 of anything. ..but a couple of items I would rank as being the best/ top one 🙂

Top TV series I’ve been binge watching on Netflix: Shetland. So amazing- try it. Though I’ll confess I have to crank the volume to try to understand the Scottish accents,  lol. 

Life-changing read: Marie Kondo’s book called “the life changing art of tidying”. Being disorganized isn’t really an option for me between Ivy,  full-time work,  & living. I’ve only implemented half of the tips but I’m 100% motivated to complete the rest. Thanks for the recommend Car- & Cathryn,  you wouldn’t recognize my closet. 

My reading has increased significantly with my commute on public transportation so I’ve focused on series reading: I’ve completed a mediocre historical romance series by Sara Donati (spread out over a few years), gotten well into Alexander McCall Smith’s Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series which I adore, and am powering through Harry Potter since November 1. 

Best downtown exchange: so working downtown is significantly different than my previous gig & I love people watching. There are many homeless people out in the summer & I’ve had 1 or 2 interesting exchanges. My fave story is: I saw a hippy looking gal in deep conversation with an obviously homeless man. She was rifling through her back pack searching for something so I slowed my pace (yes,  I’m a snoop ). Lady ends up handing over a bag (still in its cellophane packaging) of microwave popcorn. (Yes- unpopped popcorn). The guy looks at her puzzled & leaves the bag with her. Priceless. 

That’s all I got for now. ..I’m sure I’ll post more over the Christmas holidays.