Lots to say

I’ve been meaning to write over the past couple weeks. There have been some heavy news stories that have reminded me to be grateful for how wonderful I’ve got it. 

I was gutted when I heard the Oscar Postorius sentencing. He may serve 10 months before being released to some type of house arrest.  I suppose no one will ever know what really happened in that house that night. ..but South Africa has a terrible record of violence against women. I was desperately hoping for a severe sentence in the hopes that it send a message that violence is never the answer. Then, much closer to home, a mom & her 5 year old daughter were murdered but it took days to find the beautiful little girl’s body. Tragic. It’s been a terrible few weeks where International news report too many horrors occurring around the globe. And then to the South of us we’ve got the mind-boggling presidential election campaigning. 

Of course,  life goes on for us & we are busy adventuring this summer. I’ve been savouring time with Jenn & her daughter as they’re spending most of July in Edmonton. 

Slurpees at the park 

Kite flying. ..well attempted at least

Marketing with Mylo


YEG festivals 🙂

Park dates 

Girls weekend

Alvin flew off to Toronto to visit his cousin who is visiting from abroad. Ivy & I had a lovely girls weekend. 

My dear friend Alaina has set up her trailer on a lake near Athabasca. Ivy & I drove up for a day trip & it was lovely. It’s so nice that our girls get along so well. 

I spent Sunday morning working out & running errands while Ivy spent the morning playing with grandma & grandpa. 

And what better way to round out the weekend than a trip for ice cream? ! 🙂