Out of the Woods

It’s 9pm Wednesday night. Ivy’s been sick (I mean puking,  fever,  diarrhoea sick) for 4 full days. I’ve been the same kind of sick minus the puking for 3 days.  Just when Alvin & I are ready to turn in after a long day Ivy starts up crying. Alvin shortly calls for help. ..another poo-nami.  Another change of sheets & settling her down for the night & I’m thinking: there’s a song for this. So when Alvin rolls into the sack I said  “T. Swift is running through my head: ‘are we out of the woods. ..are we in the clear'”. Alvin snorts in response: “I was thinking Kesha”. I ask for a hint.  He looks at me ” this place about to blow”.
There is nothing like a good bout of the giggles to haul me through the worst.

It’s Friday & Ivy’s still not quite turned around. ..but I feel like we’re close. Maybe that’s only because I’m feeling better,  lol



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