Wild imagination

It’s been a couple of chaotic weeks for us. I’m closing a professional chapter & starting a new job with the Government of Alberta on Monday. Of my last 8 days in the old office 5 of them were on the road. ..and my cousin & her family plus my aunt & uncle came for a long weekend. The same weekend our good friend Sugar came to town from Whitehorse. It’s been crazy! ! But I’m so grateful for having the family support to commence a new journey.
Ivy with her sweet cousin Elina:




We were all happy to see the girls get along so quickly. Sorry that I didn’t get a snap of Nathaniel or the grand aunt & uncle entertaining Ivy & Elina- it was so nice to have a family get together.

Here’s Ivy with her uncle Sugar:


He was teaching her all sorts of soccer moves- so fun!
And as for Ivy’s imagination she built a train after supper one night last week:


She also asked me to lift her up by the fence & I couldn’t figure out why. She hung the hula hoop over the fence post & happily started playing basketball. She is definitely a product of her parents- yeah!  😆


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