Energy for days

It’s the start of a family stay-cation & I’m so excited. We don’t have much planned but I know we’ll have lots of fun…& I think the story below may give you some insight as to why. 
Since about mid-January I’ve been doing yoga 6 days per week. I found some great 30-day challenges on YouTube & have had some great classes at my fave local yoga dojo. Candra introduced me to my 1st hot yoga experience & I went to an arm balance workshop last night.  My energy is through the roof,  I feel grounded & calm. I’m so thankful to be feeling so good & to be surrounded by so many people who challenge me to be a better person. Who knew that my 5am wake up call for yoga would give me the head space I needed to get back to me?
Here are some shots of my little adventurer today.
She doesn’t want the baby swing anymore. Part of me is thrilled. ..another part is frightened to see her fall off!


She loved racing down the driveway


Mmmm watermelon


Spring really seems to be here. outdoors we go.


She is singing to me in between bites…she is quite the entertainer.


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