2015- a year of transitions

When stealing a few minutes for introspection at year-end one theme keeps returning to me.  This has been a year of transitions.  There have been many highlights & quite a few low lights.  I’ll try to summarize a year into a few hundred words.
Early 2015 I took on a new job with my same company.  It is a very different role than I’d been accustomed to & now as the year is coming to a close & my colleague returning from her mat leave I am both anxious & excited to return to my regular position. I decided 2015 would be a year of on-the-job learning- I wasn’t planning on taking any courses. (Though funny enough I’ve taken a couple of very useful courses & attended a conference that has given me some creative ideas to try out at work). I also committed to reading business books.  I made it through maybe half a dozen & my hands -down favourite is Drive,  by Daniel Pink.
Other than that the only other work-related comment I’ll make is that it is really tough to balance full-time work &  a kid. ..& I have a supportive hubby & folks.
I got really into tabata this year.  I started feeling crazy strong & met a few athletes I enjoyed challenging at the gym. Over the summer a couple of family workouts got me to thinking: 1. when did jumping not become fun? I spend a lot of time jumping with Ivy.  It helps with everything. ..often I look so silly it will distract her from a tantrum.  Lol.   2. All out running for the sheer joy of it- @ what age do we forget just how much fun it is to run hard? Forgetting about bouncing body parts & what people might think?  I smile so often when i rip around the track all out- thanks for that Ivy 😆
Then I got run down probably in late October & caught one bug after another.  I’ve settled into gentler activities to close out the year: yoga,  walking,  & plenty of swimming with Ivy.

Best children’s CD: B is for Bob (sometimes I even leave it on when Ivy’s not in the car 😄)
Worst children’s CD: the rest.  Ha ha

Best cartoon Ivy watches: the Cat in the Hat
Worst cartoon Ivy tries to watch: Toopy & Binoo (can anyone explain this 1 to me)? I’m at a complete loss.

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t board a plane in 2015- horrors!  Apart from a great road trip to BC with mom & Ivy it’s been a year of enjoying my home town.  My feet are itchy though so I suspect 2016 will bring some travel adventures.

I’m sure that as soon as I click “publish” a number of other stories will come to mind.  But then I’ll just create a Part II. Overall I’m grateful for my health & the health of my family & friends.
Happy New Year to all🎉

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