Goofing around


Ivy had been accused of “hamming it up” from a young age.  She had become quite the entertainer. ..
She loved halloween this year & was a rather perfect pirate if I do say so myself.  We didn’t even take her trick or treating because she was having too much fun giving the candy away.


The photo below was taken the day she first proclaimed she was a princess.  She made a convincing argument to go back inside the house by removing her toque,  mitts & jacket.  Sigh. Even grandma described her as being ‘wilful’ today.


We celebrated Zambia independence day (Oct 24) by visiting the South African store that sells many of our favorite African treats.  Ivy had her first “fizz pop”. We also visited 1 of Alvin’s Zambian friends & his 3 week old baby & wife.  We always have to do something to mark the day as we both miss Zed often.


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