Yesterday I learned to brush my teeth

And floss.  Seriously. It was the strangest day.  For years I’ve been teased by friends,  family,  & colleagues for being a bit obsessive with flossing & brushing my teeth.  My annual dentist appointments have been relatively painless as my dentist actually said ‘if everyone had teeth like yours I’d be out of business’.
Oral health as I knew it is over. I had to visit a periodontist yesterday due to inflamed gums.  Who knew that the strange rashes I’ve dealt with for most of my life (diagnosed as lichen planus) can also travel to the mouth?  (My mom told me my aunt had it in her mouth- the first time I’d heard such tales ). Lucky me. In between all the poking & prodding I was informed that I’ll have to keep my mouth cleaner & I was taught how to properly brush & floss.
My ego is bruised & my gums are tender (OK- I’ll continue being honest- they’re bleeding). But I’ll take this as a reminder that just because I’ve done something one way for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the best way.
Hang in there gums- we’ll turn this around in no time 😂

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