I don’t feel like writing

It’s time I come clean. It’s probably  been apparent over the past couple of months but I should just admit it: I don’t feel like blogging.

I feel like: watching the NBA, bundling up & getting some fresh air, playing with Ivy, talking to Alvin after our busy days, reading, today I feel like baking (which I’m actually doing) :-).

On the other hand blogging has been a part of me for many years. So I’m going to try a quickie.

It’s that time of …reflection on the previous year, planning for the New Year, and my annual book report*gasp*.

Instead of doing the usual recommends/ failures and book count (because our laptop was dying and while Alvin was working to revive I actually lost my list of ‘books I’ve read in 2014′); I’m going to explain how I stumbled on a new author. (Oh, & I completely gave up Reading Around the World- it was too much work getting the unusual titles/ authors from the library. Maybe I’ll try to revisit in 2015 because there were some great authors I never would have stumbled across without the recommends). So I went to the library looking for a good ol’ murder mystery by PD James. I toodled home with my loot happy as a clam. By the time I went to crack the PD James book I realized I had in fact picked up a Peter James book. Oops. However, I’m completely hooked on the thriller “Roy Grace” series. Best ‘whoopsies’ of 2014 🙂

And to wrap things up in my classic disjointed style:

– I’m thinking that I’m going try to go mobile with WordPress & see if I’ll be more inspired to post quick snippets…yes- I’m looking for motivation.

– Now I’ll go get something ready for Ivy’s supper & continue waiting for a text…Dev was induced earlier today & I’m anxiously awaiting my nephew…who was due on January 1st!

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