Back to Routines

I just realized I never posted any Halloween pictures of Ivy…it was back to work November 3rd so I feel like I have a valid excuse to have slacked off on my blogging commitments. Ha Ha.


I also forgot to post how much I was savouring  my time off- what’s better than an afternoon beer?

aft beer

The transition back into work has been great. I’m excited about some cool learning opportunities coming my way and Alvin is home with Ivy so I’m not in a rush to dress her up & drop her off at child care. Ivy & Alvin seem to be having lots of fun without me so all is well:-)

Mrs. S. sent an ‘ivy’ for me to have in the office – she made my whole first week back @ work. The plant is beside a photo of my girl.

20141104_111807 20141105_164249

I felt that these old boots deserved a photo before they hit the garbage bin. I had these boots before I ever moved to Zambia (seriously). They are horribly ugly & falling apart & I finally bought a new gorgeous pair to replace them. Thank you boots.


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