Ivy’s first Thanksgiving was lovely (& I’m not just referring to the beautiful weather we’ve all been ooh’ing and ahh’ing about). Family came up from Seattle & West from Saskatoon.  Ivy met Elina, her cousin ‘once removed’, at least that’s the technical term my cousin assured me was correct (I have no idea)*grin*. Apparently only adults who played w/ the little ones got their photos snapped- sorry.

Ivy, Pop & Elina

Elina, Ivy and Pop

Ivy loves music and was singing here with her grandmama & grand Aunt Martha. And no, it wasn’t a concert that, required a standard uniform, that happened all by itself.

Singing w grand aunt martha

As always Thanksgiving continues to be a holiday I savour (& not only the food). This year my folks cooked ham (which I do not eat) but Ivy loved; I guess Alvin will have to start cooking ham when I head back to work*smile*.


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Elina is your first cousin once removed. She is Ivy’s 2nd cousin 🙂 Regardless, they sure are cute together!


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