October what?

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day & I’m not back at work yet… When I was thinking “what have we been doing since I last posted on September 29th”- two things came to mind.
1. “Sleep training” Ivy. Hasn’t that been an adventure. Alvin & I were saying with some confidence over Thanksgiving weekend- we had two brutal nights & I had a couple of terrible days…but she’s now sleeping 10+ hours a night. Oh how we tempt fate. We shouldn’t have said a darn thing because it’s been 3 nights of not sleeping. Sigh. So I’m back to bad cop today & my beautiful girl is napping like an angel (after a meltdown before finally sleeping).
2. Ivy is crawling, climbing & busy…I guess I’ve been chasing her, trying to make the house a little safer for her (she pulls herself up & uses furniture to maneuver herself around the house), and watching with wonder how much babies change in their first months.
Despite not writing here very often I’m still making time to pause & appreciate my perfect little family.

my loves

Harvest time- Ivy was in there like a dirty shirt.


Fall-time selfie

harvest selfie

My girlfriend & her kids came on a cold day…but we hit the park anyway. Yeah!

Smiles on the swing!

Thanksgiving update to come. One of these days.

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