Over the course of a week

Alvin left me & Ivy for just over a week. At long last he went to see his family back home & we weren’t all able to go together. As the week progressed I realized a whole list of Ivy’s new accomplishments I would have to share with him when he came back:
– Ivy gives hugs now (it’s so beautiful)
– I turned my back for half a minute (thinking she was making her way to me) & she had crawled halfway up the stairs all on her own (oops)!

climbing the stairs
– She goes to the window & opens the curtains to see what activity is happening outside (she was rather taken by the first fat snowflakes to fall yesterday)
– Ivy has started picking up her shoes & going through the motions of trying to put a shoe or boot on her foot. It is hilarious to watch because she is a very long way from actually successfully getting the shoe on her foot. (I guess she thinks if she can pull her socks off she’ll start being able to put her shoes on).

– She picked up her hair brush & put it to her head. Again, nowhere near being able to actually brush her hair- but she knows the purpose of her brush.

– When we’re out walking & she hears a dog bark I swear that she barks back. (I suspect Auntie Devyn had something to do with that…or one of her fave books: Moo, Baa La La La).

Thinking about the week and all the changes and joys has been a fun way to reflect on the past 10 months as I’m gearing up to return to work. It has been so amazing to have this time off with Ivy.

Unrelated to the above stories…Ivy has refused all sorts of pasta. I was very happy to see (with her Mennonite roots, watered down as they may be) that she loved her first perogy experience. Hahaha

1st perogy

The NBA is back!

And I am so happy. It feels like slipping into my favourite pair of jeans after a long day in nylons (aka the world’s worst invention).


Ivy’s first Thanksgiving was lovely (& I’m not just referring to the beautiful weather we’ve all been ooh’ing and ahh’ing about). Family came up from Seattle & West from Saskatoon.  Ivy met Elina, her cousin ‘once removed’, at least that’s the technical term my cousin assured me was correct (I have no idea)*grin*. Apparently only adults who played w/ the little ones got their photos snapped- sorry.

Ivy, Pop & Elina

Elina, Ivy and Pop

Ivy loves music and was singing here with her grandmama & grand Aunt Martha. And no, it wasn’t a concert that, required a standard uniform, that happened all by itself.

Singing w grand aunt martha

As always Thanksgiving continues to be a holiday I savour (& not only the food). This year my folks cooked ham (which I do not eat) but Ivy loved; I guess Alvin will have to start cooking ham when I head back to work*smile*.


October what?

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day & I’m not back at work yet… When I was thinking “what have we been doing since I last posted on September 29th”- two things came to mind.
1. “Sleep training” Ivy. Hasn’t that been an adventure. Alvin & I were saying with some confidence over Thanksgiving weekend- we had two brutal nights & I had a couple of terrible days…but she’s now sleeping 10+ hours a night. Oh how we tempt fate. We shouldn’t have said a darn thing because it’s been 3 nights of not sleeping. Sigh. So I’m back to bad cop today & my beautiful girl is napping like an angel (after a meltdown before finally sleeping).
2. Ivy is crawling, climbing & busy…I guess I’ve been chasing her, trying to make the house a little safer for her (she pulls herself up & uses furniture to maneuver herself around the house), and watching with wonder how much babies change in their first months.
Despite not writing here very often I’m still making time to pause & appreciate my perfect little family.

my loves

Harvest time- Ivy was in there like a dirty shirt.


Fall-time selfie

harvest selfie

My girlfriend & her kids came on a cold day…but we hit the park anyway. Yeah!

Smiles on the swing!

Thanksgiving update to come. One of these days.