So a girlfriend was explaining to me how her boyfriend proposed to her. She really set a romantic scene.

Her boyfriend prepared a picnic lunch (checkered blanket & picnic basket to boot). They had planned an early morning departure to Elk Island to ensure snagging a canoe to rent. As the two peacefully paddled toward an island on the lake they noticed all sorts of beautiful birds (she described one to me that she was particularly excited about but neither of us really had a clue)*grin*. They paddled to an island where no other paddlers had headed to lay out the perfect picnic lunch. And of course the prince popped the question with a stunning diamond ring. I’m very happy for the sweet couple.

As I heard the story I thought it sounded like a lovely outing for me & Alvin. Grandmama & Grandpa were happy to look after Ivy on a glorious fall afternoon. We had no problems renting a canoe. We paddled off with Mr. Sub sandwiches & a couple of beers in a cooler (hopeless romantics, eh)? We laughed so hard on the water. We headed hard to the right. Then hard to the left. And finally figured out how we could maintain a fairly straight line. I noticed some birds…the most exotic being the common loon*LOL*. As we drew near to an island (the second closest from shore); Alvin said- we’re eating in the canoe- I am not walking through those reeds to land. As our canoe neared the shallow water & reeds I was almost knocked over by the stench. And the standing water was thick with blue-green algae. We paddled a little further out of the stink to crack into the beers & sandwiches. I had a wonderful time & would go again in a heartbeat; however, I found the outing less than romantic (even with my sweetie).

Al20140914_132837 20140914_135304

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