The prairies

I don’t know why everyone disses the prairies. Countless people make fun of the drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon; fair enough, it’s 5 hours of fairly straight road. But I think it’s gorgeous. I love watching the farmers fields fly by in a variety of colours & textures (during our recent drive at harvest time the fields had been worked into neat rows, had hay bales perfectly rounded or squared, while others still had crops in). And the sky; I not only admire the fine blue hues but the puffy white clouds or the storm clouds from miles away – what’s boring about all that? I really am a prairie girl at heart I suppose; I love the wide open space.

I was lucky to hitch a ride with my folks and enjoy a few days introducing Ivy to Mom’s side of the family.

We stayed @ the gorgeous Bessborough; look how tiny my Pop looks*grin*



Grandmama entertained Ivy (less a 45 minute nap) for the entire journey – sweet!


Amazing pool- I felt like a Queen staying in the hotel/ swimming in this pool.


Family. Out on a beautiful farm on a lovely afternoon

.20140902_164238 20140902_171431

And now…back to some form of routine :-)…cold weather or otherwise.


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