Toothbrush trauma

Lately I’ve found the news horrifying. From Ebola in West Africa, to beheadings in Iraq, continuted bombs in Isreal & Palestine, and what looks like a war zone south of the border. Lots of people dying. Terror. Sadness. And while all this seems miles away I know that it’s real. Perhaps that’s why I stared (probably with my mouth hanging open) at my dentist  the other day when he used the term ‘toothbrush trauma’ to refer to my sore gums. I was horrified that he would use the word ‘trauma’ so lightly. Sometimes I feel our realities are so skewed. Needless to say I’m continually thankful for the rich & safe life I live.

I haven’t made the time to write in a while but am really enjoying my time away from work. I have some ideas for posts but when it comes to making time to write I’m a disaster. I may put in a little more effort to be more consistent if I feel like it. If not, I will continue to do what I love (I often wonder if people stop doing what they love. I heard some ladies at the gym talking the other day about how they had to run a certain number of kilometers that day. If they didn’t they’d have to make up for it on another day. I’m all about setting goals but I really believe you have to spend time simply doing what you love). I left it all on the track the other day (without exactly knowing what I would do when I made it to the gym) & felt like a million bucks. Ha ha ha.

Random updates.

The 3 amigos taking in some U20 women’s soccer.

3 amigos

I love watching how strong little Ivy is getting- she powers herself forwards in her Cadillac & actually started rocking the stroller the other day.


Crusing in her  caddy

Gal pal Andrea gave me a free ticket to Folk Fest so I got to enjoy a beer (ok, a pitcher) with my family @ the festival.


I baked my first ‘hand-me-down’ chocolate cake the other day. Not as good as my mom’s but I’ll figure it out.hand-me-down chocolate cake

Fresh potatoes from my garden- amazing.


A cool morning…& a sweet sweater from Grandma & Grandpa B&G from their trip to Mexico.

Mexican sweater

Ripping up magazines is the funnest thing ever

ripping up magazines

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