Funny enough I will not be writing about another Ivy ‘first’…I’m writing about me*grin*.
I was starting to feel overwhelmed by my never ending ‘to-do’ list. Thinking that the days were flying by & perhaps I wasn’t making the most of this time off work. Then last week with very little effort on my part two ‘to do’s’ have been checked- & they’re fun ones too! My first:

– spin class! Seriously, I’d never taken one before & had a blast. I’ll definitely take another one

– TRX experience. When I was pregnant I saw people using the straps for a full body workout & I thought ‘how come I’ve never tried that’? It was great, Alvin had taken a course from one of the trainers at the gym so we had a family workout on Sunday morning- I loved it.

– Angel food cake. Yes I’ve eaten many before but never made one. I decided not to whisk a million egg whites but to prepare my first ‘cake from a box’. It was amazing. I will certainly do that again.

20140727_200925 20140727_201007

– my first night without Ivy. Grandmama & Grandpa had their first sleepover w/ Ivy & it was grand. I think I was supposed to feel worse about leaving her for a night but Alvin & I had a lovely date & then we got to sleep…the whole night!

We took Ivy to her first Heritage Days (one of my very favourite festivals in Edmonton). I love that she’s reaching for a giant Croatian doughnut. Good thing Canj is “super auntie”- she was all over it.


Random Ivy photo on her gorgeous elephant quilt


I was so excited the perennial below was doing well this year (until a big storm knocked it down). I tried to get a photo that would show the delicate white flowers & then the cool lanterns. Then I noticed a creature has been enjoying it too- ha!



With the hot weather we’ve been having Ivy & I enjoyed a swim (with Grandpa) @ a neighbours pool. What a treat.


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