Tummy gurgling

I laughed the other day as I recalled that I’ve shared many laughs with hiring managers about gurgling tummies when we’re interviewing prospective employees (& yes…trade secret- as much as you want to impress us, we want to leave you with a good impression of our company). Some examples of panel members masking the sound of a stomach about to gurgle: laughing, talking over someone else, shifting in the seat, gulping water in attempts to drown out any sounds trying to escape. Sometimes that gurgle just needs to get out & there’s no stopping it; which has led to many of the aforementioned laughs.
How do these memories come to mind during my current daily routines? The other day Ivy was really fighting sleep (many days she’ll put herself to sleep in the crib but other days she wants to be where all the action is). She was awfully close to being lights out when I felt my stomach gearing up to rumble. I had to laugh- wait wait- just let her sleep first.
Oh the joys.

Today I turned my back for a few moments & she had maneuvered herself over to dig in her Papa’s DVDs. Priceless. Look @ that guilty look she’s giving me.


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