Gardening, Workouts…etc

I was thinking of my friend & fellow blogger Holly today as I set out on the track for a run. She recently wrote about how foreign it was to many of her friends that she wasn’t training for anything in particular, had no big races planned (& she’s done a lot of extreme sporting)*warm smile*. I love exercising with no goal in mind. I’ve often laughed since having Ivy that there is no sense planning a workout. Ivy’s mood largely dictates how long my workout will be, my energy levels vary vastly depending on how well I sleep, & I can never remember to time myself or remember exactly how many laps I’ve run. I do know I ran extra ones today though because a Dad I was about to pass picked up his pace to run a couple laps with me. Proud father of twins (+ a 5 year-old) had a few good stories for me. Which led me to run a couple extra laps to carry on the conversation.
I have to recognize that my posts largely revolve around my daughter (I’m finding it awfully hard to motivate myself to write when there are so many things I also enjoy doing (or have to do) when Ivy naps – reading, enjoying some sun on the deck, doing the dishes, a load of laundry…). I am still horribly proud of my garden though & have harvested my first tomato- yeah! Cilantro & mint harvests have gone by without note. oops. Peas, string beans & potatoes soon to come I think. Things are looking really good after beautiful warm summer days & some good storms.


Also, some recent photos of my little love. Her first shoulder ride.

First shoulder ride


My C’s fans

my C's fans

Pretty in purple



Lots of toys but she loves that mini-basketball 🙂

the ball


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