Sporting Events

Alvin & I have always loved watching live sporting events. This summer Edmonton has already hosted a number exciting events. We watched the Canadian Women’s basketball team play (& soundly beat) the national team from Brazil. (It was really fun because Alvin coached the u20 women’s national team way back home in Zed – we had so much to discuss*smile*).

And it is becoming an annual standing date for us to attend the Edmonton International Track Classic with Candra. This year Carly joined us & we placed small bets on which athlete would win the event. Alvin won hands down. Boo. I did miss the steeple chase this year but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Finally, we hit an Eskies game on a gorgeous evening. It’s nice that the team is off to a great start.


Oddly enough Ivy hasn’t joined us @ any of the aforementioned sporting events. We are loving our mom & baby aqua fit class though- Ivy seems to love the water (plus she naps really well after a morning in the pool)*grin*. Now if we could just get her to sleep through the night again, sigh. Selfie below- I was trying to figure out how to use my fancy phone. I’m much better @ it now.


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