Tummy gurgling

I laughed the other day as I recalled that I’ve shared many laughs with hiring managers about gurgling tummies when we’re interviewing prospective employees (& yes…trade secret- as much as you want to impress us, we want to leave you with a good impression of our company). Some examples of panel members masking the sound of a stomach about to gurgle: laughing, talking over someone else, shifting in the seat, gulping water in attempts to drown out any sounds trying to escape. Sometimes that gurgle just needs to get out & there’s no stopping it; which has led to many of the aforementioned laughs.
How do these memories come to mind during my current daily routines? The other day Ivy was really fighting sleep (many days she’ll put herself to sleep in the crib but other days she wants to be where all the action is). She was awfully close to being lights out when I felt my stomach gearing up to rumble. I had to laugh- wait wait- just let her sleep first.
Oh the joys.

Today I turned my back for a few moments & she had maneuvered herself over to dig in her Papa’s DVDs. Priceless. Look @ that guilty look she’s giving me.


Gardening, Workouts…etc

I was thinking of my friend & fellow blogger Holly¬†today as I set out on the track for a run. She recently wrote about how foreign it was to many of her friends that she wasn’t training for anything in particular, had no big races planned (& she’s done a lot of extreme sporting)*warm smile*. I love exercising with no goal in mind. I’ve often laughed since having Ivy that there is no sense planning a workout. Ivy’s mood largely dictates how long my workout will be, my energy levels vary vastly depending on how well I sleep, & I can never remember to time myself or remember exactly how many laps I’ve run. I do know I ran extra ones today though because a Dad I was about to pass picked up his pace to run a couple laps with me. Proud father of twins (+ a 5 year-old) had a few good stories for me. Which led me to run a couple extra laps to carry on the conversation.
I have to recognize that my posts largely revolve around my daughter (I’m finding it awfully hard to motivate myself to write when there are so many things I also enjoy doing (or have to do) when Ivy naps – reading, enjoying some sun on the deck, doing the dishes, a load of laundry…). I am still horribly proud of my garden though & have harvested my first tomato- yeah! Cilantro & mint harvests have gone by without note. oops. Peas, string beans & potatoes soon to come I think. Things are looking really good after beautiful warm summer days & some good storms.


Also, some recent photos of my little love. Her first shoulder ride.

First shoulder ride


My C’s fans

my C's fans

Pretty in purple



Lots of toys but she loves that mini-basketball ūüôā

the ball


Sporting Events

Alvin & I have always loved watching live sporting events. This summer Edmonton has already hosted¬†a number exciting events. We watched the Canadian Women’s basketball team play (& soundly beat) the national team from Brazil. (It was really fun because Alvin coached the u20 women’s national team way back home in Zed – we had so much to discuss*smile*).

And it is becoming an annual standing date for us to attend the Edmonton International Track Classic with Candra. This year Carly joined us & we placed small bets on which athlete would win the event. Alvin won hands down. Boo. I did miss the steeple chase this year but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Finally, we hit an Eskies game on a gorgeous evening. It’s nice that the team¬†is off to a great start.


Oddly enough Ivy hasn’t joined us @ any of the aforementioned sporting events. We are loving our mom & baby aqua fit class though- Ivy seems to love the water (plus she naps really well after a morning in the pool)*grin*. Now if we could just get her to sleep through the night again, sigh. Selfie below- I was trying to figure out how to use my fancy phone. I’m much better @ it now.


Breaking out

the jolly jumper…I’m predicting¬†hours of joy in this contraption*laughing*. 20140707_193152

World Cup crazy- we all got the giggles while attending Sophie’s second birthday BBQ – Ivy was giggling away while her Dad juggled the soccer ball. It’s so lovely to watch the small things that amuse our little love.

But seriously, I love the World Cup. Every four years I am consumed with the drama & heartbreak. Lovely neighbour Dave heard that Alvin was cheering for Brazil & brought over some good German beer that came with¬†cool Brasil 2014 World Cup¬†glasses. Given the shocking events of today it seems that those glasses were made with Brazilian tears…(didn’t stop me from enjoying the beer despite the crummy game).


And Ivy is enjoying (?) a variety of puree’d goodness. This particular day the combo was peas & fish. Wouldn’t be my favourite either.