Tall tales

Over the past few weeks I’ve thought about a couple of stories that some of my loyal readers may find amusing but haven’t had the time to write them. As Ivy continues to nap I’ll try squeeze in a tale or two.

1) I was heading into the big City for one reason or another. En route the car in front of me (on a kind-of highway; speed limit 70 km/ph) put on the hazard lights & came to a complete stop. I noticed out-of-town plates & thought “really”? As I slowed to a stop to see whatever could be the problem I couldn’t help but laugh. The car was stopped for a big ol’ Canada goose. I think many Edmontonians would’ve kept right on going but not the out-of-town-er. It made me think of many years ago when I was cycling in rural Ireland and had to stop for a herd of sheep. I thought how quaint, what a good story this will be of my time in Ireland etc etc. I’m not so sure the view of stopping for a Canada Goose would be quaint, ha ha ha.

2) A couple of my dearest girlfriends & I go out for ‘monthly’ suppers (usually we’ll get on a roll & actually go out to some great spots for a few consecutive months and then we fall of the rails again). Last month, to celebrate Carly’s completion of her Masters degree she got to pick the spot. She sent the menu & I thought that perhaps I wasn’t classy enough to hit Canteen – I didn’t know what half the items were on the menu. Carly was quick to confess that she’d sent the menu before reviewing it herself. Turns out we all felt a little in over our heads. However, the server was quick to make us feel comfortable by admitting that she spent a lot of time explaining the menu to customers. The food was amazing, as was our visit. The only problem with Canteen is that it’s really quite noisy, but certainly worth a try.

3) Ivy & I frequent the gym. One day it seemed that there was a shortage of exercise balls. I found myself a nook where Ivy could play on a mat & I could do some battle ropes & a core workout. I saw a lone ball not far away & took it for my purposes. Turns out I had stolen it from an Olympian. Seriously. The guy who was working out using the ball had gone for a sprint around the track. Good thing he is someone I knew from my high school days; he is an Olympic athlete & we had a great laugh over my gym faux pas.


At her first supper out…we took her to our fave place for Chinese (which is also kid friendly). And no, she didn’t actually eat any of the food; she’s not on solids yet*grin*

2014-05-31 19.52.05

Looking adorable in her pink sun hat on a lovely day at Devon Botanic Gardens.

2014-06-03 12.30.50

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