Fun in the Sun

Spring is finally here & daily outings have become so much fun 🙂

Alvin & I couldn’t remember the last time we’d been on swings so we pulled over during a walk on a lovely afternoon.


My friend from way back in the day Gloria was in town over the long weekend so three of us gal pals from our U of A days (+ Ivy & Andrea’s pup Penny) spent a glorious afternoon in Edmonton’s river valley- love it!Image

Dad & baby matching Celtics gear = priceless. And I don’t want to say anything else about the NBA just now…playoffs are not shaping up as I had hoped…but perhaps as I’d expected.


Waging War

(Found some version in draft form- yeah)!

I spent most of the long weekend trying to oust dandelions from my lawn. I know it is a losing battle but it becomes addictive, and every time I turned around I found another patch to attack. I sigh in contentedness that this is my biggest worry. Really? How good is my life when my biggest worry is how to have a nicer healthier lawn?*laughing*.

I keep thinking about those schoolgirls in Nigeria; how unfair it is that anyone should ever have to deal with such horrors. I feel hopeless & so far removed but can’t help but think of those girls & their families and hope/pray/wish that their will be a happy ending to such a nightmare. I continue reminding myself that my life really can’t get much better when I worry about dandelions & laundry.

After washing a bunch of Ivy’s stuffed animals I had to cross my fingers that they’d get enough sunlight on my deck to dry…really? I am truly grateful for living such a blessed life.

2014-05-20 14.13.47

War on Weeds

Our laptop is on the fritz. I’ve tried twice to post this from other devices & for some reason the text keeps getting lost in cyberspace.

I’m throwing in the towel & when I’m inspired I may choose another day to write about dandelions*laughing*.


Everything that’s old is new again

That’s what one of my colleague’s told me when I announced Ivy’s arrival. I am learning that there is more wisdom in that statement than I had first thought. Alvin & I have been laughing because Ivy has started touching her toes- why is that so exciting?

2014-05-08 11.23.53

She’s also been making some pretty ridiculous noises which I would love to share but apparently I need to upgrade something or other*sigh*.

Ivy & I survived our first weekend alone as her Papa flew off for a reunion with some of his old friends in Miami. Sigh. Photos from the beach were gorgeous…my itchy feet have just gotten worse. I was able to snap some special father daughter time before his departure.

2014-05-01 18.42.27

Aunt Alaina dropped off a new toy for Ivy so we had lots of ways to amuse ourselves.

2014-05-03 18.47.30

Mother’s day (my first! Was so lovely). We enjoyed a lovely brunch cooked by Pop as well.

Mothers Day 1

Lastly, I can hardly contain my excitement…we’ve finally sprung to have the BBQ gas line installed- yiipppeee for a summer of BBQs! No photos as yet