I got the giggles the other day thinking about how much one little bundle of joy has changed my life/ our lives.

I was reading the label on a Tazo box of tea. It advises to steep for 5 minutes, enjoy in a peaceful state of mind by a flowing river etc etc. I laughed. Tea gets downed immediately or sometimes much later & rather cold. But it is still a favourite indulgence of mine (perhaps more so because I could barely drink it due to heartburn while pregnant).

Then there were more giggles one day when I arrived at yoga. As I sat on my mat (surprisingly a few minutes early) I was mortified to note that my yoga pants were on inside out. I leapt up to the bathroom for a quick change before anyone would notice. Only to find out that they were, in fact, right side on.

Sometimes Alvin & I look at each other & say- who’s more hungry? Someone’s got to eat first while Ivy gets entertained. I prefer shift changes to cold soup or soggy cereal though 🙂

People often focus on the most precious or the worst parenting moments; so far I’m enjoying the ridiculous. Well, when there is a moment to reflect anyway.

We celebrated Ivy’s first Easter with the usual suspects. She’s wearing the sweetest Easter dress from Trev, Jen & Sophie. (We made a stop at Grandparents B&G as well- I’ll post photos should any winners get sent to me. Ivy was being quite the entertainer so I’m sure there are a couple of cute ones w/ her Aunt Alaina).

DSC_0273 DSC_0278 DSC_0282

This pic is not from Easter but is ever so sweet…

photo (23)

Am I annoying yet? I’m sure*laughing*.

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