I decided it was time to take Ivy into my workplace again. She had a complete & utter meltdown maybe 30 minutes into our lunch visit. I was mortified because she is so loud- not because there was something actually wrong with her. I managed to find a quiet corner & she became her sweet self again. It was good to see some familiar faces & chat with colleagues. I got the giggles later when Ivy fell asleep having her bottle- who could ever guess that this face could wake up the neighbours with cries?

so peaceful

After leaving the office with my tail between my legs I felt more determined to continue taking her out. I recruited Grandma to join us at the Museum for a quick visit with Janet & some time in the galleries. I always love visiting the museum after having worked there. Ivy made a grand entrance but quickly settled down with Grandma’s magic & we ended up having a lovely day.



Of other note we had three special deliveries for our little imp. Neighbour Dave got up to his usual tactics & gave Ivy the sweetest Easter gift in fabulous Lego-man wrapping*smile*.

2014-03-21 14.33.45  de Dave

With love from Mexico- thanks Grandma & Grandpa B&G.


And lastly the most stunning quilt made with some fabric from Africa on one side & a 5-elephant print on the other – I’m not sure how to thank Jill for the work of art. But Alvin & I love it already & I’m sure Ivy will grow to love it too.

de Jill

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