Ivy pics

Weather permitting we walk out-of-doors (I hear there’s more snow coming- boo)…but it just means we head to the gym. Ivy doesn’t seem to mind though she is certainly the centre of attention at the gym.

2014-03-16 15.30.23

Cool in blue (though I feel bad because everyone always thinks she’s a boy when she’s not in pink)*ha*

2014-03-17 17.35.07

I had taken out Tom’s fancy camera on Friday evening to take photos of Pop’s birthday supper chez nous. Of course it was quickly forgotten & no snaps were taken to mark the celebration. Tax time & brunch @ grandma & grandpa’s ended up with more Ivy photos.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to include other family members in the photos- not just our perfect little tyke.

photo 3 (6)


And I’ve got nothing else to report…I haven’t finished reading Les Mis & the ‘selfie’ Alvin & I took on our first date night since Ivy’s arrival is on his phone so I can’t even share that one.



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