Spring Fever

I don’t have too much to report but feel like posting something. I’ve had a good solid dose of Spring fever & have been able to share it with Ivy during some short walks around the block. She will have to get used to being outdoors…just as I will have to learn not to overdress her*smile*.

Les Mis update: As I had previously mentioned on page 701 Marius & Cosette were introduced to the reader. It wasn’t until page 938 that they speak to each other (which led to their first kiss as well). I am going to make it through this book; I’m quite enjoying parts of it (dare I admit I’m enjoying the love story)*ha ha ha*.  I should have under 500 pages to go…

Here’s Ivy with her other favourite soother “Dallas the duck”

2014-03-07 09.42.06


We hit the road to visit with friends Tory & Cruz.

Cruz and Tory

Here Ivy appears to be bored at her standing date with Grandma & Grandpa (during which time I can hit a noon-hour yoga class, yeah)!

photo 2 (5) Mar 11-14

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