10 years

Over the weekend I hosted a tea party to introduce Ivy to friends from my days at the museum. I can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since I worked there. How fortunate I am to still have friendships from my time there.

So the story is that Bev makes cookies. And when I say cookies I mean miniature masterpieces. I remember being exposed to them at the Museum & thinking I’ve got to dream up an occasion so that Bev will make some more. I guess it took me 10 years to figure it out & have Ivy*laughing*. And Bev was sick the day we had planned the tea party so her friend Julie picked up the pieces of art. I apologize Bev, for how they’re displayed, because I know you would have had that perfect too.

Today as I am writing I have to admit that all those cookies are eaten. Every last one. Because not only does Bev make them look magnificent- they also taste amazing. I was told that people never want to eat them because they’re so beautiful (having tasted them before it didn’t take me long to dive in). But I will admit that while eating each cookie I savoured them & their mysteries. With each cookie I had questions- does Bev freehand these or have stencils? How did she get the two-toned border but not have a double icing layer?

Bev1 Bev2

I picked one for a random close-up (& yes, I had messed up the collar) & realized that the cookie “onesie” is complete with three buttons at the bottom; like every onesie I’ve ever seen. How does she do it?


And for all the other friends in attendance I don’t mean to belittle your efforts & gifts (gorgeous clothes, toys & books)- you are each so lovely & generous. I just really wanted to write an ‘ode’ to Bev because I’ve been waiting for her cookies for – yes- 10 years*laughing*.

I had never seen these lovely creations before. An inedible cupcake complete with a diaper, pair of socks, and baby face cloth- love it!


Lisa brought the most stunning begonias- oh please say Spring is around the corner!

2014-03-03 10.48.28

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