I’ve made a concerted effort to read while I’m home; it’s very easy to lose myself in the NBA or British murder mystery shows (now That Dev hooked me up to Neflix)*laughing*. After Ivy was born I was tired of reading crappy books. Instead of hitting the library with a list of recommends I went to my bookshelf of unread books (care of my avid reader mom).

Les Miserables. Perhaps I was attracted to this tome because I don’t know the story. On page 701 the two people I believe are going to be lovers see each other. I am currently on page 829 & they still have not spoken a word or actually met each other… That being said it is a beautiful piece of work very wordily (if that’s even a word) expresses challenges in France in the 1800s. I have scanned some chapters fairly quickly but have thoroughly enjoyed other chapters. I will be sure to report back if I ever get through it.

I continue to pursue “reading around the world” & I’m two-timing Les Mis with a Belgian comic book- the Adventures of TinTin. It has been a nice light read when I can no longer lift Les Mis.

And of course I needed some winter mystery with our temperatures in the basement so picked up a Louise Penny book set in Montreal – they are always fun.

My friend & fellow blogger Holly posted about some people who read 100 books a year (I thought one per week would have been quite a feat- but 100?!) Then I started thinking about the number of baby books I’ve been reading & I thought maybe that’s how people get to 100?

One thought on “Reading

  1. Children’s books would most def count towards an easier 100 🙂 I have so enjoyed the photos of you, Alvin and beautiful Ivy. That face, that head of hair! Lots of love to you from yyc.


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