With warmer temperatures I decided to figure out the “moby” wrap & go walking out-of-doors with Ivy. I felt like such a hippie, ha ha ha. But I kind of loved it.

2014-02-19 17.22.16 2014-02-19 17.37.11


I had so many layers on Ivy I think I nearly overheated her. But it is currently minus a million (for many consecutive days) so we haven’t tried it again…

New friends

We’ve had such a busy weekend; my friends have been busy introducing their girls to Ivy. It’s been great catching up with friends & watching toddlers & Ivy interact.

Ivy received her first Valentine from Olivia- lots of kisses too- so sweet.

2014-02-14 15.48.19

Ivy & Arra did a “baby stare down” where all the adults pondered what they could possibly be thinking.

Arra and Ivy


I missed photo opportunities with Jen, Trev & Sophie (which is too bad because Sophie is such an entertainer @ 1.5 years of age)*grin*. And I also missed photos from a quick walk with Jennifer – visiting from Calgary- & her niece & nephew (such sweet 4 year-old twins). I put Ivy in the stroller & bundled her up…but it felt like off-roading with all the icy/snowy clumps; in any case it was worth it to have a quick visit with Jennifer & the twins.

Somewhere we managed to squeeze in a family gym trip; Alvin had to feed Ivy before we started heading home. I couldn’t believe the number of people who came over to see Ivy- not even knowing me or Alvin! Babies are such an attraction, aren’t they?

2014-02-15 10.52.30

Today I ran

Does it ever feel good to stretch my legs again. I only ran about 2 kms supplemented by some stairs today…but after I finished those stairs my lungs were a-burning. I couldn’t help but have the following song running through my mind.

Perhaps it will be my theme song for while I’m getting back into shape. Lol.

On a different tangent entirely I decided it would be a good idea to read Les Miserables. I’m about 500 pages in & decided I need a break so at the library I put on hold the latest novel in the Vish Puri detective series. If you’ve ever been to New Delhi or enjoy quirky detective books I highly recommend them. They’re entertaining reads & I’m enjoying every spare moment to indulge.

Just about out of diapers

I’ve told a few people about my friendly neighbour: he’ll be the first to blow snow when we’re working, bring over machinery to help with projects in the yard, and will always pop over to exchange pleasantries when we’re outside at the same time. So yesterday I was thinking “Drat, we’re almost out of diapers. Time to go shopping”. My mom was over helping with doctor’s appointments etc & she came back into the house laughing. She forgot all about Ivy (which is no small feat) to bring in what had been left outside the garage door.

2014-02-06 12.48.16

Three boxes of diapers (delivered in hilarious format)! One box the size we need right away & two for when Ivy’s bum gets that little bit bigger*ha ha*. We’re so spoiled.

Aunts Candra & Jenny were over recently…something about aunties lulling the little one to sleep.

2014-01-30 17.56.10

Uncle Tom & Aunt Devo brought supper over the other night (like I said- we are so spoiled).

2014-02-06 19.10.04

Finally, here is the little one in her beautiful handmade toque care of good friend Janet (yes, feel free to laugh your lungs out- the hat certainly exceeds my knitting abilities).

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