a lot to learn

Baby Ivy is two weeks old today & I’m slowly starting to feel better & find energy to start catching up on the mundane.
The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind…so this post may seem a bit disjointed.

– You know what’s better than girlfriends who fill your freezer with food? The fact that they’re amazing cooks- we’ve been having delicious meals. My girlfriend in Lusaka Kolo used to always say that your mood influenced the taste of your cooking; those 2 must’ve been in great spirits because the food is divine.

– There is so much emphasis on pregnancy/ labour/ delivery I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t talk about what to expect after. Baby Ivy had lost too much of her birth weight & Alvin & I were quite distraught about getting her back on track (now she’s a healthy happy babe & we’re so thankful). And I’ve been feeling awful. Just awful. I’d take the whole 9 months + delivery over how I’ve been feeling the past couple weeks- how come no one mentioned how miserable recovery is to me before this point? And how does anyone forget & do it again?

– Here are a couple photos of sweet Ivy (because I will not be joining Facebook)*lol*

2014-01-09 14.15.19 13 days. 2014.01.08 2014-01-03 09.13.14

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