Stocking the Freezer

Day 1 off work commenced today…why not be busy?*grin*. The folks had me over for our annual Tourtière-making date. (And no, we don’t really do it the proper French way- this time we’ve got a combo of bison-pork-beef)- I’ll look forward to trying.
With a couple extra pie shells with no more meat filling we each decided to make some kind of fruit pie. I’m so pleased I was able to use up a bag of battered apples in this little pie. Yum yum.

2013-12-16 19.19.33

We had a couple of false starts with our dough which has never happened before; but our first & last batches were perfect (at least according to the delicious flaky crust above. I love having a freezer full of home-cooked meals on the nights that no one wants to cook…& I’m not even referring to the meals recently provided by Carly & Candra…that’ll be even more delicious- because I didn’t make them*ha*!

2013-12-16 15.24.03 2013-12-16 15.24.15