I’ve got lights

Shooting the breeze with some colleagues at work today I noted how the men in my family tend to steer clear of helping with festive decorating of the house & Christmas trees. Well wasn’t I thrilled and surprised when my Pop dropped me off after work today & up were the Christmas lights on my house. My brother & Pop came over in blizzard-like conditions to have the outdoor lights lit up for me by the time I’d arrive at home. What a wonderful surprise (even if they made a liar out of me; I’ll have to update my workmates…).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out of thanks to Cam; he moved to Australia & his mother offered up some of his lights to me- I’m thrilled. Gorgeous, eh?

 2013-12-02 16.50.39 2013-12-02 16.50.55

I should also mention this is the view from the inside out. When I’m not such a wuss & it’s a little warmer outside I’ll capture the view from the front*grin*- but it is so beautiful & Christmas-y I keep peeping through the curtains to see the lights-a-glowing.


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