Next project

Alvin howled with laughter  when he saw my first attempt at baby mittens…they might fit a 2 year-old (with rather large hands)*grin*.
2013-10-27 12.57.02

I then tried to adjust the pattern to make the mittens smaller (success). Perhaps still a little big…but not too shabby for a lady who doesn’t really know how to knit. Maybe one day I’ll take a lesson. For now I need to commit to a pattern for a new baby blanket. I’ve started about 3 different times on 3 different patterns. Good thing the NBA season has started- I’ll knit while catching up on my favourite teams 🙂


One thought on “Next project

  1. I laughed when I saw your mittens! I love that you knit… one of your many, many talents 🙂 Don’t leave a comment that often but I keep up with you as often as I can. I think I owe you a letter. Big hug. H xo


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