Excuses excuses

I’ve struggled to make time to write lately. No real reason why…just bouncing around the house.

The few people I speak to about my weakness with the NBA have been asking how I’m doing with Derrick Rose’s new injury. Few sports superstars have impressed me so much; D.Rose took a full year off to recover from ACL repair last year. I’ve been looking so forward to his return; wishing him another MVP season. Every D. Rose interview I’ve heard has left me with the impression that Rose is humble, driven, and I’m left feeling inspired. I’m heartbroken that he’s out for another season. How hilarious is that- I care about a millionaire athlete I’ve never met or even seen play live? Ah well, we all find inspiration in interesting places, don’t we?

Hopefully a ‘newsier’ post from me soon.

Next project

Alvin howled with laughter  when he saw my first attempt at baby mittens…they might fit a 2 year-old (with rather large hands)*grin*.
2013-10-27 12.57.02

I then tried to adjust the pattern to make the mittens smaller (success). Perhaps still a little big…but not too shabby for a lady who doesn’t really know how to knit. Maybe one day I’ll take a lesson. For now I need to commit to a pattern for a new baby blanket. I’ve started about 3 different times on 3 different patterns. Good thing the NBA season has started- I’ll knit while catching up on my favourite teams 🙂