Better Than Winning the Lottery

What, you ask, could possibly better than winning the lottery? I’ve got just the story for you.

My dear cousin Marty offered up (probably a million) of his air mile points for us to fly someone from Alvin’s family to come visit us in Edmonton. How thoughtful/generous/ kind for Marty & Pat to even think of us for such a special event. (This is a time where I’m at a loss to find the right words- it has been so much fun seeing the brothers tell stories after being apart for 3.5 years- this has been an unforgettable gift & Alvin & I are so grateful).

And here he is…Alvin’s brother safely arrived on the 18th & we’ve been having a blast showing him our town, telling stories, and seeing photos from all our family/ friends back home.

We had a blast @ the water park

DSCN9243 DSCN9258

Picnic on a beautiful afternoon in Sylvan Lake – I can’t believe our luck with the weather.
DSCN9262 DSCN9264 DSCN9266

Ping pong- if they’re not at the gym competing they’re in the basement hammering it out on the ping-pong table.

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