Cool golf date

Tom & Devo invited me & Al for a round of golf. I was trying to remember the last time I was on a golf course…I think it was back in high school for a Phys Ed class. Alvin has only enjoyed the driving ranges so this was a first for him; Tom is the only true golfer of the crew. (It somehow slipped Tom’s mind that I’m a leftie when it comes to sports- thanks bro; but $5.50 had this rookie set up with a respectable set of rental clubs). Apart from that minor slip-up Tom had the utmost patience with us: losing golf balls in the water, asking which club would be appropriate, and where the next hole start, etc. The only thing that would have made the day more fun would have been a little more heat- it was freezing out there.

First hole:
2013-09-29 09.47.10

The putting green:
2013-09-29 10.03.32

At some point Alvin thought he’d warm his fingers with the golf club protectors; we really laughed.
2013-09-29 10.16.10

We spent the afternoon warming ourselves by the fire- who can complain about that?

2013-09-29 13.50.10


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