What would a trip to Edmonton be without…


A disappointment I’m sure. I’m thrilled we got a couple of centimeters so Al’s brother had a true Alberta experience (what’s that famous saying- if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes)*grin*.

A few further highlights from the time we had here with Chish.


Love this shot of the bros


Chish’s wife had this gorgeous top made for me (by my good friend who owns Kutowa Designs & makes spectacular clothing)


Tom & Devo hosted their annual Halloween party & I captured the boys killing themselves laughing (initiated by a little old school karaoke- think Boyz II Men). Too much fun.


Better Than Winning the Lottery

What, you ask, could possibly better than winning the lottery? I’ve got just the story for you.

My dear cousin Marty offered up (probably a million) of his air mile points for us to fly someone from Alvin’s family to come visit us in Edmonton. How thoughtful/generous/ kind for Marty & Pat to even think of us for such a special event. (This is a time where I’m at a loss to find the right words- it has been so much fun seeing the brothers tell stories after being apart for 3.5 years- this has been an unforgettable gift & Alvin & I are so grateful).

And here he is…Alvin’s brother safely arrived on the 18th & we’ve been having a blast showing him our town, telling stories, and seeing photos from all our family/ friends back home.

We had a blast @ the water park

DSCN9243 DSCN9258

Picnic on a beautiful afternoon in Sylvan Lake – I can’t believe our luck with the weather.
DSCN9262 DSCN9264 DSCN9266

Ping pong- if they’re not at the gym competing they’re in the basement hammering it out on the ping-pong table.

Canadian Thanksgiving

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving and this weekend was no exception. I was happy to host Thanksgiving dinner – though the folks did the turkey so it was kind of only like ‘half-hosting’. The deal was I’d make Gran-esque perogies (cottage cheese-filled with cream gravy & Saskatoon berry sauce).  I also made a batch with dill & cottage cheese (yum). Alvin suggested I post a photo where someone’s mouth was full- go figure.

WP_20131014_006 WP_20131014_004

Other successful projects of the weekend (other than yard work)*grin*- I completed a knitting project- baby booties.

2013-10-15 19.32.35 

I made my first batch of salsa as well (& it didn’t turn out too badly).


Cool golf date

Tom & Devo invited me & Al for a round of golf. I was trying to remember the last time I was on a golf course…I think it was back in high school for a Phys Ed class. Alvin has only enjoyed the driving ranges so this was a first for him; Tom is the only true golfer of the crew. (It somehow slipped Tom’s mind that I’m a leftie when it comes to sports- thanks bro; but $5.50 had this rookie set up with a respectable set of rental clubs). Apart from that minor slip-up Tom had the utmost patience with us: losing golf balls in the water, asking which club would be appropriate, and where the next hole start, etc. The only thing that would have made the day more fun would have been a little more heat- it was freezing out there.

First hole:
2013-09-29 09.47.10

The putting green:
2013-09-29 10.03.32

At some point Alvin thought he’d warm his fingers with the golf club protectors; we really laughed.
2013-09-29 10.16.10

We spent the afternoon warming ourselves by the fire- who can complain about that?

2013-09-29 13.50.10